Birthday Week: Getting a Head Start

Friday, 7 October 2016

So... if you know me well at all, there is a good chance that you've heard of my obsession with birthdays. More specifically, with my birthday. Every year, I try to squeeze more and more into the celebration. Naturally, this has lead to the observance of birth WEEK. Naturally.

Now, I've tried to keep this blog from being so much of a travelogue (like I felt my last blog transformed into), but I'm going to make an exception. This IS birth week, afterall.
Birthday festivities and happenings will, therefore, be posted on this site. This is both for your entertainment, but also to be less annoying to those follow me on other social mediums.

So... Without further a due, the first installment:

I know that Saturday is technically the 7 day mark until my birthday... but I figured I could start the celebration on Friday night. I mean, HELLO, I'm turning 30. What difference would a few extra hours make? I'm already stretching it out for a week.
Friday night, it is!

'On the first eve of birthday week my true love gave to me...' (Too bad I'm not as funny as I think I am.)

I got a manicure with my good friend, Kelli. We also shared some great conversation. It was SUPER fun. Except that the guy giving me the manicure didn't speak English. Tha made things a little difficult. But, ya know.

Then I took myself on a date to Bowl of Heaven. My very first Bowl of Heaven experience. I've wanted to eat there for a while and, I must say, it was no disappointed.

All in all, it was a magical day. A great start to a great week.

Change Isn't the Only Constant

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Something that's been on my mind today...

Exactly three years ago, I went to the USU/BYU football game with some of my dearest friends. (After having slept in a very small tent on a very, very cold campus to get tickets.) That whole 24-hour experience has got be one of my favorite college memories. It was SO much fun.

I guess I've just been pondering how much can happen in three years. Life sure takes some funny turns, doesn't it? I mean, for one thing, when I was at that game, I would never guess that I'd one day work on BYU campus. But I do. And I love it.

Ya know what hasn't changed? My love for these wonderful people. They are still my friends and great examples of what kind of person I'd like to become. I really believe that people are placed in our lives for a reason, and I am SO grateful that they are in mine!

A few weeks ago, some of us hit our old stomping grounds for the USU Homecoming game. (Which was a blast, naturally.) Guess what- Some things on campus had changed. Some things in Logan had changed. And, okay, I will be the first to admit that change can be difficult. But it was still a magical experience.

Sometimes I think I get so caught up or worried by the idea of change. I want everything to stay happy and comfortable forever... However, I'm beginning to understand that isn't necessarily an option.

The moral is the story is that life doesn't always go the way that we plan, BUT the Lord places people in our life to help and support and love us. I am so grateful for the special people in my life.

Top Five Conference Faves

Sunday, 21 February 2016

I mentioned in my last post that I have been sick for the last few days (thus, my return to the blogging world after a ten month hiatus). And since I spent the day in bed instead of at church, I decided to spend some time reviewing conference talks that I have really impacted my life. It turns out, the list was pretty long, so I thought I'd share my top 5. 

In April 1985, Elder Bruce R. McConkie gave a talk entitled, The Purifying Power of Gethsemane. I love it and have thought a lot about it over the years. It's an incredible witness and testimony of Jesus Christ. One of my favorite parts of the talk, though, is in his introduction. He said the following:
"In speaking of these wondrous things I shall use my own words, though you may think they are the words of scripture, words spoken by other Apostles and prophets.
True it is they were first proclaimed by others, but they are now mine, for the Holy Spirit of God has borne witness to me that they are true, and it is now as though the Lord had revealed them to me in the first instance. I have thereby heard his voice and know his word."
That resembles how I feel about these messages. Though every talk at General Conference touches me in some way, these five have changed my life. They've changed who I am and what I want. They have become a part of me. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have.

-Place No More for the Enemy of My Soul, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

"...Remember that the only real control in life is self-control. Exercise more control over even the marginal moments that confront you. If a TV show is indecent, turn it off. If a movie is crude, walk out. If an improper relationship is developing, sever it. Many of these influences, at least initially, may not technically be evil, but they can blunt our judgment, dull our spirituality, and lead to something that could be evil. An old proverb says that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, so watch your step."

"...Acknowledge and face your weaknesses, but don’t be immobilized by them, because some of them will be your companions until you depart this earth life. No matter what your current status, the very moment you voluntarily choose honest, joyful, daily repentance by striving to simply do and be your very best, the Savior’s Atonement envelops and follows you, as it were, wherever you go. Living in this manner, you can truly “always retain a remission of your sins” (Mosiah 4:12) every hour of every day, every second of every minute, and thus be fully clean and acceptable before God all the time.
"Yours is the privilege, if you want it, to come to know for yourself, today or soon, that you are pleasing God in spite of your shortcomings."

-The Miracle of the Atonement, Elder C. Scott Grow

"He moved far from home. He continued his self-destructive behavior for more than a decade, but the Savior had not forgotten or abandoned him. Eventually the pain of his despair allowed a spirit of humility to enter his soul. His feelings of anger, rebellion, and militancy began to dissipate. Like the prodigal son, "he came to himself." He began to reach out to the Savior and to make his way back home and to faithful parents who never gave up on him.
"I testify of the miracle of the Atonement. I have seen its healing power in the life of my brother and felt it in my own life. The healing and redemptive power of the Atonement is available to each of us—always."

-The Way of the Disciple, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"A friend of mine recently wrote to me, confiding that he was having a difficult time keeping his testimony strong and vibrant. He asked for counsel. 
"I wrote back to him and lovingly suggested a few specific things he could do that would align his life more closely with the teachings of the restored gospel. To my surprise, I heard back from him only a week later. The essence of his letter was this: “I tried what you suggested. It didn’t work. What else have you got?” 
"Brothers and sisters, we have to stay with it. We don’t acquire eternal life in a sprint—this is a race of endurance. We have to apply and reapply the divine gospel principles. Day after day we need to make them part of our normal life."

-None Were with Him, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

"Brothers and sisters, one of the great consolations of this Easter season is that because Jesus walked such a long, lonely path utterly alone, we do not have to do so. 
"Trumpeted from the summit of Calvary is the truth that we will never be left alone nor unaided, even if sometimes we may feel that we are. Truly the Redeemer of us all said: “I will not leave you comfortless: [My Father and] I will come to you [and abide with you].”

Okay, so I probably shouldn't pick favorites when it comes to Conference addresses, but these are all so good!
What are some of your top picks? What talks would you suggest I study next?

The Joys of Single Life

Saturday, 20 February 2016

So... I've had the fortune of having a nasty cold that's kept me in bed all weekend. After reading an entire book, watching several movies, and painting my fingernails, I was ready to openly admit to boredom.
Long story short, I discovered a few drafts that I'd saved on this blog. Of course, they were all pretty ridiculous (this is me we're talking about). And this one is no exception. I wrote it a couple of years ago, but it still seems pertinent. Since Valentines Day was just last week, I figured I'd post it. What the heck.

To all the single ladies out there, I give you

10 Reasons to Delight in Your Current Single Status

1. Shaving your legs. I mean, you can do it if you want, and you probably do. But I feel like it's not nearly as big of a deal when you're single and no one really comes near your legs. Just throwing that out there. You know, for all of the other lazy people in the world. Not that I don't shave my legs, but I like having the option.

2. Swapping hilarious dating stories. Let's be honest- Half of the fun of dating is having a great story to tell someone later. So even on those horrid blind dates when you feel wildly uncomfortable or you worry that your date might be a crazy lunatic.... You can just think of the reactions that you'll get when telling the story later. Let me just say, I've been on some really, really weird dates. And the sharing laughs with your friends about it later, pretty much makes up for the hours of agony. Ladies? Ammmm I riiiight?

3. Beyonce sings a song specifically for you. How many people can say that? Queen B. Singing. For you. (Just let that sink in for a moment.) "All the single ladies, put your hands up!"

4. Your life always has the potential to become a chick flick. Just saying- You never know. You never know. You could be listening to the radio and hear someone in Seattle talking about how much they loved their recently deceased wife... and you could fall in love. You could be meet on the top of the Empire State Building and hold hands. I mean, crazier things have happened, right? The point is, it could happen. You're single, so you've got the most important part covered. Way to go.

5. I have two words for you: Chick lit. (No, not Chiclet. We're not talking about gum here.) You could also say romance novels... but that makes me think of, um, more questionable material. Love stories. Literature for chicks, if you will. Not that you can't read them if you're not single. But the benefit of reading them when you're single is that you don't have to worry if you fall in love with a completely fictional character. It's cool. You can love Mr. Darcy (or Philip Wyndham, for all you Edenbrook lovers) all you want. It's fine. No guilt here.

6. You get your whole bed to yourself (which is really great if you're like me and still sleep in a twin-sized bed).

7. You can go crazy purchasing new clothes and it's okay. You can justify it as "an investment in your future". (I've legitimately used that excuse before. It's a real thing.) Also, let's be honest, you can do whatever you want with your money. But I feel like terming it as an investment makes me feel much less selfish. It makes me feel more like my purchases will benefit my posterity. (I mean, what if someone asks me out because he loves teal sweaters and I happen to be wearing a nice teal sweater? This is something that could have eternal import!)

8. Being single can also save you money. (I feel like I really need to justify myself after my last bullet point.) Chances are you won't spend as much on home decor, for one thing. Most of the quotes, picture frames, etc etc etc, seem to have some kind of message about love. Something like 'you are my person', or 'the world is only turning because you love me and we're married people'. That kind of thing. And you, my friend, will not even be tempted to spend money on those. What a blessing. The blessing of single-hood.

9. You are much more likely to become a YouTube sensation when you're single. Just saying- Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Susan Boyle... I rest my case. (For a lengthier list, click HERE. Not that everyone on that linked website is single. But they all got famous from YouTube. And there is a good chance that many of them were single. In my option.)
As a side note: I just Googled how to become famous on YouTube... There are so many great resources that pull up. And some of them are quite funny. Think of it this way, this could be the first step in living your own personal chick flick. You're welcome.

10. You've got options. If you don't want to be lonely, you can visit If you don't want to deal with all the fuss, you can just hop on over to The key is that you have options. You can create your story in any way that you wish.
Umm, speaking of which, you really should hop on over to THIS SITE. BuzzFeed does it again. 20 very specific dating sites that really do exist. All I can say is "everybody loves a clown... let a clown love you". Oh my.
(Is anyone else singing to themselves "We found love in a hopeless place"?)

The Songs I Cannot Sing

Sunday, 5 April 2015

"There is music in my soul today, 
A carol to my King,
And Jesus listening can hear 
The songs I cannot sing."

When I was younger, I remember hearing the story of a young girl that had extreme difficulty in communicating because of physical disabilities. One day, she was able to share with her teacher her love for this song, particularly the third verse. Jesus listening could hear those songs that she could not sing. She knew that He was aware of her and had great things in store for her. (It's seriously a tear-jerker... For me, anyway. Find the story HERE.)

From the time that I first heard that story, this song (found in the LDS Hymnbook) has held a special place in my heart. However, it's been only recently that I've begun understanding this verse more deeply on a personal level. 

'The songs I cannot sing'. What are these songs that we can't quite voice?
They may be hurt, sorrow or disappointment. Songs of an unrealized dream, an unmet goal, an aching insecurity. Songs of loneliness, weariness, or longing for someone to understand. And, of course, the list could go on and on. This applies not only feelings of negativity and doubt, but the Lord also hears me when I try to walk by faith. He hears me when I try to be better, to overcome, and to be like Him. In the times that following the Spirit may lead you to make a choice that you don't necessarily understand, He hears and understands. 

The words of this verse have been etched my heart lately. They have been a great source of peace and comfort. No matter what I experience, what I feel, or what I may lack, I am never alone. The Savior of us all has felt our pain and our sorrow. He is the comforter, the Redeemer and the Prince of Peace. And because of Him, there can be music in my soul today. There can be sunshine.

I am reminded of the words of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:
"Brothers and sisters, one of great consolations of this Easter season is that because Jesus walked such a long, lonely path utterly alone, we do not have to do so... Trumpeted from the summit of Calvary is the truth that we will never be left alone nor unaided, even if sometimes we may feel that we are. Truly the Redeemer of us all said: I will not leave you comfortless: [My Father and] I will come to you [and abide with you]."

I love this Easter season and all that it represents. Christ is risen! He lives. I know that He lives. And because He lives I am not alone. Because He lives I can overcome. Because He lives "there are no true endings, only everlasting beginnings".

My Mind Wanders

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Let's be honest.....

Sometimes, I get a, uh, blemish in this middle of my forehead. Like, right between my eyes.
It happens.
(I mean, it mostly happens to youngsters going through puberty... but whatever. It happens to me as well, apparently.)

And when that does happen to occur, all I can think of is....


Over-share over. Thank you.

New Years: That Time When People Reflect

Monday, 5 January 2015

As many people have been looking back on 2014, 
I decided to take a step further...
By looking back to 1994.

Was that really 20 years ago?!

I was going through some things in my old room and found 

Oh yes. Didn't the 90's look on me?

But, just in case you couldn't see what I looked like in that last photo....
My self portrait is quite a likeness.

My teacher was quite lovely. 
And... apparently she has very wide hips.

I played with dinosaurs at recess. Ya know, that's what we did way back then.
Totally normal.

I find humor in this for a few reasons.

Another favorite thing- I'm glad I signed my own "yearbook". 
And not just with my name, but by writing "me". 

It makes me wonder what the changes in the next twenty years will look like...